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For code block and inline code block on the medium editor, I read Casey Botticello and Medium help center. But these formatting options did not worked for me.

Casey Botticello mentioned in his guide:

Steps and tools for writing as a starter

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Have you ever had a thought that said it would be so great if I start writing my life stories, my experiences, what I learned today, how I solved this particular problem?

Most of us had, but straight after this constructive thought, another thought comes to our mind, and says Come on! How can you write? You can’t write, you never did it before, you don’t have any experience…And you stop yourself there.

⚠️Alert! These are the negative thoughts holding you back.

Stick to the first one and allow to let go of afterthought. In the beginning, it will need…

4 Factors that make a medium better platform to unleash your writing skills

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A short time ago, I acknowledged my intuitions, which whispered, give a chance to writing. These intuitions were so convincing in urging me to get my feet wet. Later, I assessed them as true feelings for the reason that I feel more of myself after writing something. Being an introvert, inner thoughts and ideas come up in my mind very often. In actuality, it would be great to write down and share them with world, before they die.

Alike speaking, writing is a medium of conversation with other humans. Several individuals like to express themselves by speaking, and a portion…

All commands you need to remember for the creation, activation, and deactivation of Virtual Environment on mac

Open your terminal:

Well-written article.

Strange thing is, not one backtick worked for me in the case of "Inline Code Blocks", nor three backticks worked for the "Separate Code Block" . When I tried with two backticks, a "Separate code block" snippet started.

How to remove multiple versions of python from macOS

In my machine, when I worked on my previous project I installed unhesitantly more than one version of python these were python 2.6, 2.7, 3.6, 3.8, and 3.9.

2.7.16 and 3.8.2 were default versions provided on mac and the rest were from, anaconda, and home-brew.

When I begin a new project, start facing issues with package installation and managing these versions. Googled to uninstall third parties versions, leaving the default ones so that I can work in a more clean environment.

Solutions that did not worked:

  1. Deleted python folders manually from root.
  2. Removed python PATHS from .bash_profile.
  3. Tried


Hey look, my GIF looks good.😉

What is GIF?

GIF is an image format and it stands for “Graphics interchange format” which is pronounced as ‘jif’. It is a short animated picture having no sound.



  • GIF does not support sound.


  • Video supports sound.



  • GIF supports animation.


  • JPEG does not support animation.

In this article, you will find a way how to upload GIF from PC to your Medium publications either it is your own created GIF or downloaded GIF. We will look upon the two scenarios one by one.

Upload your own created GIF

Step1. Create your GIF by Screen recording:

Screen recording is a feature used to record screens for demonstration purposes. For Mac, QuickTime player provides great features for…

HTML, CSS, jQuery

An email-newsletter form for subscription.

What is email-newsletter?

A newsletter is a medium through which user can subscribe websites, blogs and e-commerce via email to get updates from the subscribed forums and to stay connect with them.


1. Host side:

  • Act as a mean for the advertisement of new products or contents.
  • Strengthens relationship with customers.

2. User side:

  • Customers can get new updates.
  • Friendly and cost effective solution to stay with.

Let's dive into its implementation:

HTML is used for the structuring of the newsletter, styling is applied using CSS and jQuery for event handling.


HTML for Structuring.


CSS for styling.


Add version of jQuery in your java script folder where you have projects java script file.

Jquery for event handling.

Happy coding!

Maryam Mehboob

Ph.D. in procrastination.

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